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Daily from 10AM to 1:00PM


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  • Fruit Bowls; acaí bowl, superfood bowls,tropical fruit bowls, fruit bowls with yoghurt and granola.

  • Smoothies; delicious smoothies made with tropical fruit. 

  • Juices; fresh juices, with fresh tropical fruit. 

  • Coffee; italian coffee, from expresso to latte, the perfect choice to wake up!

  • Wood-oven breakfast; in the oven is better, for taste and for health! We designed some delicious italo-mexican breakfast dishes.

    Come have a look! 

Start your day

in a good way,

with our 



Italo-mexican wood-oven breakfasts     ·     Fruit Bowls     ·     Smoothies     ·     Juices   ·   Coffee

acai bowl - healthy breakfast

Fresh & Tasy

Our Italian heritage taught us that high quality ingredients it´s all that matters.


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We care about details to make you happy.

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tropical fruit bowl - healthy breakfast

You can't miss this because:

Healthy & Tasty

Whether you choose a fruit bowl or some chilaquiles or eggs as you like, they will be cooked with love and consciousness, because we are what we eat.

Start your day the good way

Practice makes a master (...and love).

Since 1999 we have deligh locals and tourists with delicous italian food. 

Our staff has beeing sailing this ship for a while so they know what they are doing and most important they love it. 

  • Micky, heath chef - 16 years -

  • Pedrito, pizza master - 15 years -

  • Jimmy, barista - 7years -

...to name a few..

We love to pamper you!

We´ll make you feel like home. La Nave is the perfect spot to chill, it has a cool vibe and we are focused on giving a great service. Becasue your opinion its what matter all. 

Welcome Home! 

What people say

"I Could have breakfast here

over and over again"

"Everything we got was outstanding. My girlfriend fruit bowl was delicious, my eggs with prosciutto and parmesan cheese are something that I will remeber the rest of my life. Their juices where juicy and their capuchino so tasty. Thanks to all the staff, we can taste the passion and love that you put on all you do.

We will be back!"

—  Jaimie & Craig on TripAdvisor